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We have made it easy for you to target the right audience for your next campaign in all major DSP's.

Digiseg cover most use cases with full reach in Europe and USA. The audience data is free of personal data and cookies and works equally well in desktop-, mobile-, inapp- and video campaigns.

We are specialists in Audience Data and the benefits include:

Save time
Solve most targeting challenges with ease and effect. Digiseg's Core Audiences cover vital household characteristics. When mixed into Digiseg's Composite Audiences they cover most use-cases.
Best Precision
Expect great results with 7X targeting-power compared to industry standards. More than 10.000 campaigns prove that Digiseg delivers extraordinary precision and reach. Digiseg average 0.6% CTR across all campaigns and lift longterm conversion by 60%.
Free of Cookies and Personal Data
Digiseg Audience Data is free of Cookies and Personal Data. As a result, hereof the Audience Data is outside the scope of GDPR and CCPA. It's the least privacy-invading data on the market today.
Full Reach in Europe and USA
Reach your audience equally well on Desktop, Video, Mobile and In-app. No cookies mean that Digiseg can segment internet users whom you cannot reach normally. To top it up you will find the audience data on all internet users in Europe and the USA. It truly is Full Reach.

Available in market-leading demand-side platforms (DSP).

We are available in all market-leading demand-side platforms.

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