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How does Digiseg build Audience Data? - Digiseg

How does Digiseg build Audience Data?

Digiseg has found a solution to match digital devices with offline neighborhood information – at scale and free of cookies and personal data.

Offline Data

The offline data comes from the national statistics offices and other public sources that deliver neighborhood characteristics. No individuals are recognizable in the Audience data. Neighborhood size range from 100 to 500 households. In other words; small enough to differentiate the population into meaningful and explanatory audience segments, yet big enough to secure the discretion criteria of individuals set out by National Statistical Offices.

Digiseg uses geo-position and knowledge of the physical infrastructure of the internet to link digital events to neighborhood characteristics.

Online Data – Geo-Position – Online Data

Geo Position

Digiseg’s Core Audiences is the result of this process and give precise estimates of household characteristics based on neighborhood. Digiseg’s Composite Audiences mix the Core Audiences to form a collection of audience possibilities. We have built the Composite Audiences based on requests from digital planers in Europe and USA. With endless combinations available we can create almost any audiences that a digital marketer may request.

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